Our Philosophy: Wine Differently

Let us make some things clear from the beginning: We do not own a chateau, nor do we run a vineyard. Actually, we do not even work on grapes...

So please, do not ask us to talk about ancestral traditions or centuries-old plots... We would be very embarrassed and you would certainly be disappointed!

However, we can rave for hours on end about our challenge, our wine-making process, our dedicated team, our vision...

We write oenology differently — with heaps of grit, a good pinch of know-how and loads of fun — and can now finally take justified pride in the fruit of our labour.

We bet we can surprise you by the origin, originality and authenticity of our exceptional wines, developed from pure Mauritian lychees.

Some say we have stars in our eyes, others say we are too extravagant. What is for certain is that we are somewhere west of the sun and east of the moon.

Our Environmental Approach

We believe that preservation of the environment is of utmost importance. After our fermentation process, our vats are washed with rain water collected and stored in an underground reservoir and the resulting waste water dispersed through our orchards to fertilise the soil.

As for the solids, they are systematically composted and used as fertiliser in our orchard or vegetable garden.