This white, off-dry litchi wine will surprise you with its freshness and fruitiness, with notes of tropical fruits, citrus, boxwood and white flowers.

Supple and velvety on the palate with a long, nice crisp acidity.

It has been fermented at low temperatures to retain its elegance and freshness.

Serve between 9 and 10⁰C for a perfect aperitif or pair with salads, goat cheese, grilled fish, seafood and curries.



Supple, round and soft with its salmon colour, this off-dry rosé offers a perfect balance with notes of ripe fruits, strawberry, cherry and rose petals. Round and lasting finish.

Served between 9 and 10⁰C as an apéritif, it will also perfectly complement salads, poultry, pastas, seafood or tandoori chicken.



Seducing semi-sweet wine where rose petals, apricot, peach and muscat flavours blend perfectly with notes of white flowers.

The palate is round, soft, elegant balanced with a nice acidity.

This powerful wine will pair harmoniously with foie gras, cheese, spicy foods and dessets.

Serve between 10-12⁰C to fully enjoy its potential.



Enter a fascinating world of sweet wines with a surprising potency and an abundance of flavours with Icône. Here, overriped and candied fruit blend with wooded highlights to reveal the complexity of this smooth wine.

Serve between 10 and 12°C. It pairs perfectly with foie gras, strong cheeses, and desserts.



Without a doubt, our flagship wine batch. This liquoreux wine was fermented then aged in oak barrels for 18 months. This long and patient maturation gave birth to a wine whose diverse and powerful flavours are unsettling: a warm mouth would reveal flavours of brown sugar, candied fruit and quince jam that harmoniously blend with brioche notes.

The flavourful complexity of this exceptional wine has reached virtually unequalled heights.

The Tanaka wine sublimates foie gras, strong cheeses and desserts.

Service: 10 -12⁰C